The Sums @jimmys Liverpool

Our Alter Ego - @_static_uk has Announced the first of a string of gigs in liverpool

first up is @thesumsmusic 'Better' Christmas Show - fronted by legendary singer

songwriter Peter ‘Digsy’ Deary Friday 20th December, @JimmysLiverpool

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The Sums (previously Smaller) are a 4-piece band from Liverpool, fronted by legendary singer songwriter Peter ‘Digsy’ Deary, the face of the Oasis track ‘Digsy’s Dinner’ from debut album Definitely Maybe. Smaller hit the top 10 in the indie charts with singles taken from their critically acclaimed album Badly Badly. The album features classics from the band including ‘Wasted’, ‘God I Hate This Town’ and ‘Is’ which features Noel Gallagher on guitar who hails this album as one of his all-time favourites. Demand was high for Smaller, seeing them share the stage with The Stereophonics, Catatonia, Paul Weller and Oasis. In 1997 the band recorded their second album, which was unreleased at the time due to their label hitting financial difficulties and folding which brought the band to a halt. 2005 saw Smaller’s path come to an end, with singer songwriters Peter ‘Digsy’ Deary and Chris Mullin seeking a new avenue of creativity relaunching the band as The Sums following the completion of a brand new recording in Liverpools’s Ranch Studios. 

Fresh material sparked the birth of The Sums, however a bumpy road lay ahead; Days before the completion of the recording it became apparent that the files of eleven completed tracks were missing. The missing hard drive remained AWOL for five years, before re-surfacing in 2010 to the bands amazement. After re-working the tracks and recording a further two their debut album was ready to be unleashed titled If Only. The bands line-up; Peter ‘Digsy’ Deary, Chris Mullin, Lee Watson and Chris Campbell made for a tight outfit, bringing true indie sounds and coupling them with edgy additions allowing them to create unique releases with real creative flair. 

The Sums second studio album was hotly awaited, telling tales of rising to the top Start At The Finish is a kaleidoscopic catalogue of tracks with psychedelic twists, subtle loops and samples and rapturing guitar work wrapped in heart felt vocal arrangements. Recorded at Box Studios, Liverpool, the album was successfully funded via Pledge Music, initially released to to the campaign supporters and general release followed with the album being championed internationally. 

Sadly, the band lost lead-guitarist Lee Watson more recently, a much-loved character, friend and vital member of the musical unit. Tributes flooded in from far and wide and the bands determination became stronger than ever. Holding Lee’s memory close The Sums continue their journey, drafting in guitarist and long-time friend Richy Northcote. 

In 2018 The Sums signed a record and management deal with independent record label Strawberry Moon Records based in Wolverhampton in line with their plans to record their third studio album Better, which is due for release in June 2019 and dedicated to Lee Watson. 

The Sums launched the prestigious Shankly Hotel’s ‘Signature Live Sessions’ events, playing a rooftop set under the stars for an exclusive audience with support coming from the rising stars Red Rum Club. Their album tour is shaping up for late 2019 with a string of live dates across the UK bringing masses of opportunity to share in their journey. With relentless live sets, energetic performance and unbeatable stage presence from the characterful band you can be sure to experience an unforgettable night of music in their company. 

The Sums message is loud and clear for all, there love for creating music and sharing the passion is unrivalled and whilst their journey has at times been rough, they continue to make waves and ride them inviting all who will listen along with them. #BETTER

Friday 20th December, @JimmysLiverpool

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