SPACE - House of Fun Weekender

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

With the star-shaped mini tour being smashed to bits by Space,

what will they bring to the table for the Madness house of fun weekender ?

30th of november Space will play the main stage in minehead , with a 1 hour set you are

sure to get some of the hits and with a bit of luck something off the upcoming album

'Music for pleasure Music for pain' ( 2020 planned release ). this will be Space's last 2019

date as full band although Tommy will be crooning solo in december.

Known for having a bit of a laugh between themselve's on-stage the fun flows off-stage

and into the crowd literally, what Tommy is going to turn up and will franny have any new moves its pretty hard to guess what your going to get but one thing for sure its going to

be a show not to be missed in minehead ( house of fun weekender ).

With the release of Space's Anthology sitting top of the bestsellers list on amazon the new

is album eagerly awaited by Space fans new and old. Guest vocalist Owoo also features on Space's upcoming work anyone who has seen him on-tour with them this year can see his quality and quirkiness both essential to be in SPACE .

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House of fun weekender ticket link

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